Give Your Pool Some Flair with an Ezarri Mosaic

If you are looking to build a new pool, look no further than Ezarri mosaics. Dreams are made of mosaics - and these are the best mosaics on the market. 
An Ezarri mosaic

What are Ezarri Mosaics?

Ezarri mosaic pool

Ezarri is a Spanish company that exports its famous mosaic range across the world. They deliver an elegant European style, while also being durable and simple to install. 

Their mosaics are made from glass. With stone tiles, you are limited to the colour of the stone itself. With glass, Ezarri has created a diverse array of colours and styles. Anything you can imagine is probably covered by their range. 

While their mosaics can be a fantastic addition to bathrooms, kitchens and even living rooms, where they really come alive are in pools. You’ll be dazzled by the way the water and the mosaics combine with the light to create stunning colours and patterns. 

What Styles are Available in the Ezarri Mosaic Range?

Quite frankly, Ezarri has so many styles and colours to choose from that they can’t all be listed here. They’ve managed to narrow down their top 20, which you can view here. 

However, there are a few broad categories worth outlining to help you navigate their impressive range. 

Imitation Stone

Ezarri mosaic pool

Just because Ezarri mosaics are glass doesn’t mean they can’t imitate their stone alternatives. From classic marble to darker volcanic tones, get the exact look you need to achieve your vision.

Classic Blues

Ezarri mosaic pool

The blue tile pool is a timeless look, and as the old saying goes – “If it aint broke – don’t fix it”. Remember, keeping your design simple does not have to mean your pool looks dull or boring. 

Ezarri can give your pool a blue hue from the light or dark ends of the spectrum. With various finishes, from glossy to a more natural stone look, you can customise your classic blue pool even further. 


Ezarri mosaic pool

That’s right – you can make your pool glow at night with a glow-in-the-dark Ezarri mosaic. Imagine sitting outside at night, looking up at a starry sky, and then you look down at your pool and see the same colours reflected in the mosaic. A glow-in-the-dark mosaic is something unique – and something beautiful.


Ezarri mosaic pool

By mixing contrasting colours, you can create some truly eclectic designs. Because each glass tile in a sequence can be a different colour, you can create some striking patterns by spacing out different coloured tiles, and experimenting with different arrangements.  

What are the Features of Ezarri Mosaics?

Ezarri mosaic pool

Apart from the impressive range of colours and styles, there are some other benefits to installing an Ezarri pool mosaic. 

Safest on the Market

Each glass tile has rounded edges to make sure that you are safe while swimming. With stone tiles, they can erode over time and create sharp edges, but the glass material of Ezarri mosaics avoids that problem. These changes have given Ezarri a reputation for producing the safest glass mosaics on the market. 

Easy to Maintain

Because glass isn’t porous like stone, you’ll find that it is much more resistant to the growth of pool scum. It is also much easier to clean. Glass requires a ‘wipe’, while stone requires a ‘scrub’. 

Easy to Install

Ezarri’s revolutionary Jointpoint Panelling System creates large sheets which can be installed 20% faster, and can have adhesive applied to 92% of their surfaces which ensures they are durable. The Jointpoint Paneling System strikes the perfect balance between uniformity and malleability. 

Cost Effective

For basic designs, the cost of a glass mosaic is actually comparable to bead and pebble alternatives. It is also cheaper after the install, because the easy-to-clean glass tiles require less costly chemicals to keep clean. 

Lifetime Guarantee

The combination of superior adhesive strength and low wear and tear allows Ezarri to promise that their mosaics will last the lifetime of your pool. Their colour fade guarantee is also an impressive 25 years!

ECO Friendly

Ezarri is committed to being ECO friendly. Their mosaics are made of 100% recycled glass.

Central Coast Tile and Stone Warehouse

Ezarri mosaic pool

So what are you waiting for? An Ezarri pool mosaic is simply the superior pool interior product. There’s just one problem…if the mosaics are in Spain, how will you get them installed in Australia?

Luckily, Central Coast Tile and Stone Warehouse import and install Ezarri mosaic. Bring some European elegance to  your pool.

For more information on Ezarri, check out their website. 

For information on Central Coast Tile and Stone Warehouse, including our Ezarri range, you visit our website here. 

If you are ready to add value to your pool and your home, contact us today to discuss your options.