How To Create A Stunning Outdoor Bathroom

Peace. Quiet. Relaxation. A warm bath. And the great Australian outdoors. There's nothing more tranquil than that.
Outdoor Bathroom

More and more Australians are joining the outdoor bathroom craze and transforming their homes into pseudo-Balinese resorts.

Not only are outdoor bathrooms luxurious, but they are very practical as well. If you’re located near the water or you’re a frequent beachgoer, you’ll know just how handy an outdoor bathroom can be. Gone will be the days of trying to vacuum or sweep up tiny granules of sand that have seemingly spread throughout your house.

And there’s no better time than in the hot Aussie summer to start planning your own beautiful outdoor bathroom.

But creating an outdoor bathroom is somewhat of an art. It requires a lot more careful thought than just throwing a bath or shower into the wilderness.

We’ve put together some inspirational and creative ideas to show you how to create a stunning outdoor bathroom for your home.

Morph Your Indoor & Outdoor Bathrooms Into One

The Block has brought us plenty of creative and stunning bathroom designs this year. Perhaps most notably was the twins’ ensuite which included a luxurious outdoor space. The ensuite included a sliding door that opened out to a tranquil outdoor area, with a captivating bathtub as the centrepiece.

“It’s also feeling like a luxury retreat, it really does. The minute you walk through that bedroom door you go on that little journey through a luxury retreat, and you end up with this beautiful outdoor spa,” Block judge Neale Whitaker said.

They managed to successfully transform their bathroom into a dual space seamlessly. And one major component of this was their use of tiles both indoors and outdoors. 

Source: Channel 9

They chose a grey large format tile which complimented the space perfectly and allowed for a smooth transition from the ensuite to the outdoor bathroom. 

Enter The Wilderness With Your Outdoor Bathroom

The beauty of most outdoor bathrooms stems from the natural element the outdoors brings. Building your outdoor bathroom space into an area already rich in beautiful greens from plants, bushes, and trees creates an amazing look that will transform your bathroom into a tropical resort.

Source: Villa Bugis

In this example, they’ve used a gorgeous cream coloured porcelain tile for their outdoor shower to directly contrast the surrounding environment. This combined with the paving amongst the grass allows the shower to stand out and be the highlight of the outdoor area.

Source: Gardening Etc

And here they’ve done the opposite, going for dark grey travertine tile around the bathtub. The subtlety of the tile creates a unique look and allows for the surrounding greenery to be the hero.

Source: Fella Villas

The outdoor bathroom above uses a combination of outdoor and indoor elements to create a magnificent space. They have gone heavy on the plants, with several pots and plants not only in the bathroom area but surrounding it as well. 

Then contrastingly, the shower itself is one you’d expect to see inside. A massive showerhead, high white walls, and white subway tiles create a sense of privacy and tranquility.

When In Doubt, Go Rustic

If the luxurious look of the above examples is a bit too extravagant for you, then maybe you’ll be more interested in a rustic look for your outdoor bathroom. 

Outdoor showers and baths built onto a timber deck are quickly becoming very popular. Going with timber enables you to utilise the earthy tones of the natural environment to create a rustic look.

Awesome Outdoor Bathrooms-09-1 Kindesign

Source: Calistoga Ranch

Here they have built the deck around an oak tree and used a bronze coloured vintage showerhead. These colours combine to create a rustic look and a relaxed and calm vibe.

They’ve also used a brown natural stone tile which perfectly breaks up all the timber in the space. The beautiful natural tiles also draw attention to the vintage showerhead, making it a focal point of the outdoor bathroom alongside the oak tree.

Start Building Your Dream Outdoor Bathroom Today

It’s time to stop dreaming about that amazing outdoor space you’ve always wanted and start planning! Check out the full range of tiles available at Central Coast Tile & Stone Warehouse, or see our renovation projects section for more hints and tips on building a stunning outdoor bathroom.

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