Style Tips: How To Select Tiles Like An Interior Designer

Let’s be honest, we all fancy ourselves as interior designers when it comes to renovating our homes...

But interior design is never as easy as it seems. And it definitely takes a bit more skill than watching a few episodes of The Block.

Tiles specifically play such an important role in interior design. They set the look and feel of the house. But picking the right tiles is a difficult process. 

And even though we’re interior designers in our minds, there’s a reason why professional interior designers always seem to pick the perfect tile.

So to help us all out, we’ve compiled some professional tips on how to select tiles like an interior designer.

Plan Like An Interior Designer

It’s tempting to rush straight into picking tiles, but any interior designer will tell you that the most important step is planning. 

Think about the style of your home. The atmosphere you desire. Do you want cool or warm vibes? A contemporary look or a rustic look?

Allow yourself time to decide what you’re looking for before you look. You’re the one who has to live with your eventual choice of tile, so you don’t want to make a rushed decision.

Mood Boards

Many interior designers create a mood board for their clients, and you can easily do this too. 

Simply tear out some of your favourite pictures from design magazines, or make an online mood board using a site like Pinterest. There’s an abundance of inspiration out there. 

This is a great way to understand what you really like and don’t like, and will make the decision-making process much easier.

Mood Board


If you can, leave some space in your budget to purchase samples of your favourite tiles. Rather than just comparing them side-by-side, position the tiles where you intend on placing them in your house. Revisit the tiles throughout the week. How do they look on a bright day? Or a cloudy day? How do they look at night? 

This should help you narrow down your options and ensure you’re satisfied with the tile you end up with.

Discover What Style Of Tile Suits Your Home

Gone are the days of just choosing between porcelain or ceramic tile. The variety on the tile market today is massive. There are mosaic tiles, patterned tiles, hex tiles, sandstone tiles, travertine tiles, marble tiles, mirror tiles, tumble tiles, tessellated tiles, and subway tiles. Just to name a few.

Explore your options and find the style that matches your vision.

hamptons look tiles and taps

Control Your Space With Tile Sizes

The size of your tile has more of an impact than you may think.

As a rule of thumb, the larger your room the larger the tile size you can select. However, using large tiles in a smaller room can actually make the room look more spacious.

The latest trend in Australian homes is slab tiles – or large format tiles. Along with their beautiful natural stone appearance, they can provide an enhanced sense of space to a room.

slab tile floor
Large format or slab tiles mean your design aesthetic is covered

Get Creative With Different Tile Shapes

Think outside the box-shaped tile. Tiles don’t always need to be square or rectangular. 

Get creative and sprinkle some fun into your kitchen or bathroom with hexagon shaped tiles for your walls or floors. 

Triangular shaped tiles are also on trend lately, and provide a home with a sense of uniqueness.

Measure For Tiles

Be Bold With Your Colour Choices

A mistake many people make when designing their homes is feeling obliged to stick to neutral colours for their tiles.

Sure, whites and greys are timeless for a reason. They are sleek, modern, and match a variety of moods. But there are so many colours to choose from. Don’t limit yourself to only a handful. 

Warm colour palettes made up of orange, red and pink hues are very on-trend. These colours combine to make a room feel warmer, which suits rooms of comfort such as a living room or bedroom.

And going all-in on one colour can create an attractive and distinct look too. A splash of pink can be a fantastic addition to your kitchen splashback, or your bathroom to inject some personality and character into the space. Popular options here are the herringbone pattern, subway and square tiles.

Alternatively, a cool colour palette made up of blues, greens and light purples will suit rooms that have a great deal of activity, such as kitchens and bathrooms. A cool colour palette can be used to create the illusion of space in smaller rooms.

So think about what you want from your space, and how a certain colour or colour palette can bring your vision to life.

Don’t Forget About The Grout

The most overlooked aspect of tiling is often the grout.

Many people completely miss the chance to choose their own grout altogether, assuming there’s no choice to make. But these days, there’s a range of shades that can drastically alter the appearance of your tiles.

You can make a statement with grout by using it to directly contrast your tiles. Think black grout on white tiles or vice versa. This creates an eye-catching look that is noticeable as soon as you enter a room.

But perhaps you’re more subtle in taste? A good option for you would be to camouflage the grout with the tiles, electing to use a very similar shade. This works seamlessly for large tiles if you want to achieve the look of one big piece.

If you’re really looking to go bold, using a warm or cool coloured grout against a white tile can really stand out. Light green and orange shades of grout have been trending recently, as they can complement the mood of a room perfectly.

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