Marble Is The New White

We share with you why marble feature tiles will elevate your bathroom, kitchen or laundry design.. and mistakes to avoid when planning out your design.

How do you elevate your bathroom, kitchen or laundry space into a luxurious, fresh and peaceful environment? The answer is marble accents!

Marble feature tiles come in a variety of shapes and styles. Laid in sheets or as subways you can vamp up your space to be inspiring and make even the trendiest of friends envious.

A key tip when looking to design your space with a marble feature tile, is to partner it with flat light/white larger format tiles, such as a 600 x 300 matt white ceramic. Matt black tapware will give a pop of contrast, and light coloured stone benchtop and plantation shutters will finish the look. Here is some inspiration from The Block 2018 ensuite reveal: Kerrie and Spence’s winning ensuite with marble herringbone feature tile and black accents.

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Things to remember when using a marble feature tile:

  • Keep It Simple! – do not introduce clashing patterns
  • Neutral accompanying tiles is key – let the marble sing! Not compete!
  • White plantation shutters
  • Light coloured flat stone benchtops
  • Matt black tapware will provide contrast 
  • Use colour in your styling elements (hand towels, books, candles etc.)

The most common mistakes when using marble feature tiles

There is nothing special about feature marble over any other type of feature tile you choose for a space. There are a few “whoops” decisions we see that you can avoid before even looking at samples.

The first is to keep your other tiles and surfaces in a simple flat colour, in a rectangle or square size, laid straight i.e. not in a pattern. By clashing patterns, the finished look will be overwhelming to the eye and the feature will be ‘too much’ instead of ‘too beautiful’.

Secondly, Avoid strong colours next to the marble. The best way to introduce colour is through styling rather than with fixtures such as basins, other tiles, benchtops or painted walls/doors. Strong colour will draw the eye away from the intended feature and will drown out the marble.

Lastly, Do not grout with anything darker than the darkest grain in the marble, and even then it would be better to drop a shade or two. It is the grain in marble that gives it a luxurious finish and dark grout will compete for your attention.

There you have it, one of our favourites in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. Marble is a stunning way to improve your space and impress friends and family. Adopting the KISS method will see you achieve the best results.

Marble Features: Choose your tiles

Our advice is to simply work with the existing style of your home, rather than feel like you have to completely reinvent the whole thing! The best aspect of home renovation projects is combining professional advice and inspiration with your own taste and preference.

If you’re looking for marble feature tiles in a variety of styles, drop by our West Gosford showroom for some free, professional advice on what will work.