Fresh Coastal Theme Renovation Ideas

Are you looking to bring the beach to the burbs? Or to your bathroom decor? We’ve worked with tiles long enough to know the styles that work best to achieve the coastal theme, and we’re happy to share our ideas with you for inspiration
coastal style flatlay tiles

If you’re working on a renovation project and want to know how to decorate in the Coastal Theme, we can help you bring the beach to the burbs! Renovating a room in your house to reflect the popular coastal style is a great design choice if you actually live near the coast. It’s also a creative way to dream up that desirable feeling of living right next to the waves to help the stress of the bustling city fade away.

As you can imagine, one of the key features of a coastal interior design style is to evoke that sense of living by the beach or seaside through a mix of colours, textures and stylistic elements.

Signature elements of a “Coastal Theme” space can be:

  • Nature is the focus – timber, driftwood, greenery
  • Decorative cushions with seaside, fish or boat icons
  • White plantation shutters
  • Turquoise ornamental features
  • Driftwood framed mirror
  • Weaved baskets
  • Chair draped with a straw hat, basket of beach towels
  • Shells, coral or green glass bottles
  • Succulents (a type of low-maintenance plant)
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Coastal Theme Bathroom Ideas

To achieve the coastal look in your bathroom, white tiles are the way to go. Opt for white baths and basins with soft curves featuring chrome or stainless steel tapware. To enhance the space and make it seem larger than it is, run your white floor tiles all the way up the walls to give the illusion.

Natural stone is also an option, as textured stone tiles with a unique vein link to the great outdoors, even possibly the sandy feel of a beach. Stone-look tiles are also good if you’re watching your budget and want to achieve the same effect.

Splashbacks in natural colours also are a favoured choice of coastal bathrooms, but the goal is to keep the flow light and airy, not breaking it up in bold, dark colours. When grouting, use a tone that matches the colour of your choice of tiles. This will keep your bathroom in symmetry.

When it comes to accessories and styling the space, search for timber or bamboo items, such as towel chairs, stools, soap caddies and bath mats. It is also a smart design choice to add wooden bathroom drawers or cabinets to complement the coastal look. Finish it off with a feature plant, such as some indoor ferns, dried botanicals or low-maintenance succulents.

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Get the Coastal look: Choose your tiles

Our advice is to simply work with the existing style of your home, rather than feel like you have to completely reinvent the whole thing! The best aspect of home renovation projects is combining professional advice and inspiration with your own taste and preference.

coastal style flatlay tiles

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If you’re looking for fresh, white or grey tiles in a variety of styles to create the popular Coastal look, drop by our West Gosford showroom for some free, professional advice on what will work.