Style Tips: The Hamptons Look

Are you keen to achieve some serious Hamptons vibes in your home? Explore this popular style and why it's perfect for the Australian coastal lifestyle
hamptons look tiles and taps

More and more Australian home renovators are turning to this sophisticated look for its clean, fresh appeal that is absolutely ideal in a modern property. It’s made for the laid back Aussie beachside lifestyle!

Whether you favour entertainment of relaxing, designing a Hamptons style home starts with getting the colours and materials right. Start by creating a refined, seaside feel to a single room in your house. There are several key design considerations when going after this kind of interior, including:

  • What colours are best to decorate with for the Hamptons look?
  • What fabrics to suit the Hamptons style?
  • What furniture can I buy to enhance the space?
  • What style of lighting gives the Hamptons look?
  • What flooring suits the Hamptons style?
  • …and of course what style of tiles are best for Hamptons homes?

We thought you might get a bit lost in the rabbit hole of design inspiration that is Pinterest, so we’ve gathered a snapshot of some of the best examples we’ve spotted that reflect the beautiful, sophisticated Hamptons look.

hamptons look bathroom
Herringbone Feature Wall Tiles + Natural Stone floor tiles
Image Source – Pinterest

Where did the Hamptons look come from?

Hamptons style interiors are an American take on the classic French interior design styles: Baroque, Rococo and Empire.

The popular Hamptons look actually began on Long Island in the US, back in the late 1800s. Fancy New York vacationers flocked to the area’s historic fishing villages to cool off from their city life, and their arrival gradually transformed the style of these quiet seaside communities into bustling summer hotspots. New Yorkers didn’t just bring their luggage to the American coastal homes – they brought their modern sense of style and refined elegance too.

Herringbone bathroom hampton style
Herringbone Wall Tiles + White Subway Wall Tiles with Natural Stone Floor Tiles
Image Source – Pinterest

Signatures of the Hamptons style

When searching for ideas and props to achieve the Hamptons style, look for furniture, fixtures, decorations, tiles and flooring that feel like they fit any of the following descriptions, which are all adaptable to the room you’re working on renovating:

  • Effortless coastal elegance with a casual twist
  • Airy and minimalist yet still homely – multiple sources of light
  • Light, white and crisp – with a touch of pastel
  • Whitewashed interior, or white timber finishes (explore white, cream, off-white, ivory)
  • A noticeable “beachside” feel to the space
  • Fresh look: Grey shades of colour including duck egg blue or mint green
  • Classic look: Cream with black or bronze accents to enhance elegance
  • Generous lounging areas to relax in an afternoon seabreeze (you don’t have to live by the ocean, we can dream!)
  • Warmth added by natural materials like in-laid stone flooring or black timber, plus leather, linen, cotton or wool.
  • Pairing warm, neutral colours with coastal blues (layer various shades)
  • Favour bold features: large indoor plants, statement sculptures or decorative-framed mirrors
  • Big windows, French doors, white timber window furnishings
  • Pendant lighting overhanging vintage bar stools for a casual kitchen feel

hamptons look tiles and taps

Tile & Stone recommends:

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Hampton White subway tiles

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What tiles are best for the Hamptons style?

Ceramic Subway Tiles

White subway tiles will help to create a clean, fresh look. With a spectrum of different colours, textures and patterns available, the subway tile can be adapted to achieve the relaxed, coastal Hamptons look in your home. Stick to white and grey tones.

Marble Patterned Tiles

The drama of marble patterned tiles adds to the otherwise minimalist, white-dominated look of the Hamptons style. Even adding a marble splashback as a striking icon of elegance in a bright, well-lit kitchen, a fireplace in the living room, or shower floor in the bathroom gives that elite Long Island seaside feel.

Natural Stone Flooring

Every square inch offers its own unique colour, texture and pattern! Bring this level of luxury and warmth into your home – walls, floors, entrance halls, shower surrounds and splashbacks are all great options for featuring natural stone.

Herringbone Patterned Tiles (wall or floor)

This is a style of tiling that can look great as a kitchen splashback, as a dramatic bathroom tile, or flooring choice in a light cream, grey or ivory colour. Marble tiles can be laid in the herringbone pattern.

Get the Hamptons look: Choose your tiles

Our advice is to simply work with the existing style of your home, rather than feel like you have to completely reinvent the whole thing! The best aspect of home renovation projects is combining professional advice and inspiration with your own taste and preference.

If you’re looking for tiles or natural stone to create the Hamptons style, drop by our West Gosford showroom for some free, professional advice on what styles will work. We have a Hampton Decor tile range, including patterned and subway options you can see samples of to achieve the look you want.