Style Tips: Industrial Chic Keeps It Simple

A popular design trend is the industrial chic look. We explore the many ways you can bring that look into your home.
Industrial chic interior design

Not everyone owns an old warehouse or factory apartment.

It takes quite a bit of planning and work to transform an interior area into looking exposed, distressed, and rocking that industrial chic look.

But plenty of people are doing it, and it’s becoming quite a popular trend.

What Is Industrial Chic?

You can create a modern, edgy atmosphere at home or in your workplace with industrial design. 

The look is about showing off the materials that are the foundation of a building or home often hidden from view, or papered/painted over. 

The industrial chic style or urban industrial style, which uses vintage objects and salvaged items, continues to grow in popularity. 

By embracing the raw beauty of the wood underneath, rather than covering it up with drywall and carpet, your home will be transformed. 

With neutral tones, salvaged objects, concrete, brick, wood and metal surfaces, industrial design is often found in loft apartments, modern homes and commercial spaces.

The best way to achieve this bare-bones industrial theme in your space is by using cement floors; however, pouring slabs of concrete isn’t practical for most homes. 

You can emulate the look of distressed, stained concrete with porcelain tile. The durability and wear resistance of porcelain tile make it a good choice for flooring applications. 

It’s affordable compared to other floors as well. The long-lasting, durable flooring comes in a huge selection of colours, patterns, and textures, including plain concrete lookalikes.

What Inspired The Industrial Chic Trend?

When factories, warehouses, and mills began closing in the 1970s, an industrial interior style emerged. It is this exposed brickwork, steel vaulted ceilings, and concrete floors that inspired their interior design.

Industrial chic has become one of the top interior design trends in recent years, with many homeowners wanting to incorporate the style into their homes.

Colour Palettes Of Industrial Chic

Colour palettes that are bold or bright should be avoided when creating an authentic industrial look.

In lieu of bright colours, you should choose neutral tones or materials like wood and stone.

Grey and greige tones can also help create a crisp, clean look when contrasted with white.

Industrial Chic: Bathroom Ideas

It’s an interior design trend to combine natural stone and exposed brick, particularly in master bathrooms, en-suites, and shower rooms. Your industrial-chic-style bathroom will look great with these amazing natural stone-look features.

Industrial Chic: Wall Ideas

All fixed surfaces, including walls, should have a rustic appearance. Wires, gears, nuts, bolts, pulleys, rivets lend an old-world feeling to industrially-designed walls. 

Industrial Chic: Floor Ideas

You don’t have to have a bare concrete floor in your house to enjoy the benefits of concrete effect tiles. Grey is a colour that connotes strength and a minimalist aesthetic.

More Industrial Chic Ideas

Check out some old buildings

The best inspiration comes from old factories, warehouses and workshops in your local area. Go for a walk. When you look at examples of these spaces, you’ll see the materials, colours, tones, and textures you should use. Pay particular attention to original features, such as concrete flooring or wooden beams, and consider how you might incorporate them.

Go antique shopping and garage sale crawling

Railway sleepers, pallets, and steel beams from salvage yards can give your home that authentic look. Collect and repurpose these items, and give your space that unique touch.

Get online searching

Instagram and Pinterest are both great platforms for finding inspiration. Take notes of any changes you’d like to make to your space.

Industrial Design Council of Australia Archive

If you’re looking for industrial tiles in a variety of styles to create the popular industrial chic look, drop by our showroom for some free, professional advice on what will work.

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