Natural Stone

Design your home using the same timeless tiling material that built many of the world’s castles and towers!

Natural stone is an ancient material that has been used for building purposes for thousands of years, and sat in the earth for millions of years. 

The real beauty of natural stone tiles as a design choice is their individuality. Every square inch offers its own unique colour, texture and pattern. Bring this level of luxury into your residential or commercial property – walls, floors, entrance halls, shower surrounds and splashbacks are great locations for installing natural stone.

Natural stone is a popular tiling choice for today’s homes for many reasons

Durability – natural stone is long-lasting and hard-wearing

Individual style – natural stone forms naturally so each tile has unique colours, textures and patterns

Easy to clean – unlike other tiling materials, natural stone surfaces don’t capture dust, hair or skin

Underfloor heating – natural stone conducts heat well, ideal for tiling where there’s underfloor heating systems

Low maintenance – natural stone can be easily mopped or brushed clean.

All stone products in our exclusive Central Coast showroom range are hand-sourced from Turkey. We have spent years building reliable, trustworthy relationships with our network of suppliers, and this allows us to offer you the best stone products for a competitive price.

Visit our unique Central Coast showroom to browse our hand-sourced range of Natural Stone today.