Pool Mosaic Tiles

As a pool-loving nation, we take special pride in making a poolside area look first class. Like a holiday resort. Or a tropical paradise.

Our collection of pool mosaic tiles features designs from the Ezarri range, made in Spain, and Leyla Mosaics, made in Turkey.

Pool Mosaic Tiles: Magic.

Mosaic tiles are a colourful, creative feature to add to any pool area or outdoor space. Whether you want to tile an entire outdoor area, or just add a luxurious mosaic feature somewhere along the water line – we can suggest the perfect colour, pattern, shape and style for you. We will also point you in the direction of safe, slip-resistant tile options for floor tiling in a pool area, without asking you to compromise on style. 

Did you know the style and colour of mosaic tiles you choose will have a direct effect on how the water tone and light looks in your pool area? This is where our expert advice – available when you visit our showroom – is invaluable to your choice of tile.

Shopping on a budget? We can help to plan a stunning mosaic wall feature that showcases your favourite mosaic designs, while suggesting simple and affordable tiles to surround the design.

Visit our unique Central Coast showroom to browse our hand-sourced range of Pool Mosaic Tiles today.