Porcelain Tiles

This is the ultimate, all-purpose tile. Porcelain tiles are similar to ceramic tiles but are harder-wearing and have a more luxurious look.

Created from fine, dense clay fired at a greater temperature, porcelain tiles are quite durable, making them ideal for indoor or outdoor spaces, including areas exposed regularly to water, such as kitchen splashbacks, bathrooms and ensuites.

The tough but elegant nature of this tile makes it perfect for high traffic areas too, like entrance halls or foyers. 

Looking for an elegant finish?

Benefits of porcelain tiles:

  • Stain resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Will not freeze
  • Will not crack
  • Will not fade
  • Zero maintenance
  • High quality finish.

Porcelain can reflect the same attractive qualities as natural stone, brick or wood – minus the extra maintenance those materials require.

Porcelain is weather resistant, so it saves you time by needing none of the upkeep other expensive tile options need to look their best. Porcelain just looks its best all the time! 

We have porcelain tiles available in our showroom in a variety of styles, colours and designs. Porcelain flooring requires a little TLC when installing – before choosing this tile for your home renovation project, why not pop in and chat with us about what you need to know when working with this unique type of tile.

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