Style Tips: Kit Kat Tiles – An Amazing Break From Tradition

Kit Kat tiles have been gaining in popularity in kitchens and bathrooms in recent years.

Designers, architects, stylists, and architects prefer these mosaic tiles for their classy aesthetic and stylish profile.

Due to the decorative nature and shape of these tiles, they are typically used on walls.

However, some styles can be used as flooring solutions. 

What Are Kit Kat Tiles?

Kit Kat tiles, or finger mosaic tiles, are rectangular tile shapes that can be used throughout the house as design elements. They are so named because they resemble the chocolate favourite.

Adding these tiles to wall surfaces adds visual texture and depth without adding overpowering colour or complicated patterning.  

The tiles can also be arranged horizontally or vertically to create height or width.

They’re especially popular in kitchens and bathrooms, where their smaller size and elegant, classic shape ensure a variety of design possibilities.

What Inspired The Kit Kat Tile Look?

With their long and thin appearance, these tiles captivate the eye. 

Finger mosaic tiles are said to emanate passion, ingenuity, and ultimately have a dynamism and creative nature that’s inspired by authentic Japanese architecture. 

They have been dubbed, “The next best thing in mosaic patterns”.

Colour Palettes Of Kit Kat Tiles

There are many different styles of tiles available for you to choose from, as well as a wide variety of colours, textures, and sheen levels. 

They are perfect for incorporating gentle colours into intimate areas while using emerald greens and vibrant blues for a totally unique look.

Kit Kat Tiles: Bathroom Ideas

Kit Kat tiles are truly impressive in the bathroom. They are stylish, versatile, and offer you the ability to create an exciting feature wall regardless of the interior design. 

They are a good choice for creating an eye-catching feature wall in the shower, or behind a traditional vanity. 

With these tiles, choose either light or dark grout to either accent or contrast the tile’s colour completely for an eye-catching impact. 

For example, glossy tiles will allow light to reflect throughout and create a light filled space. While using matte tiles in the bathroom will create a more casual, modern feel.

They work incredibly well in small shower nooks, on a feature wall or on other spaces in a room to create an eye-catching focal point. These tiles are renowned for their long, thin appearance which can easily add visual interest without being too overpowering. Plus, they are smooth to the touch.

Kit Kat Tiles: Kitchen Ideas

The tiles make an excellent kitchen splashback, or feature wall, while mosaic tiles give curved cabinetry ends an Art Deco look. They are great as part of a feature kitchen island.

These tiles can be found in a variety of styles, ranging from classic ceramic tiles to natural tiles such as marble, along with traditional terrazzo.

Kit Kat Tiles: Floor Ideas

An authentic terrazzo or marble option, they are a highly durable solution that can be used as both a wall and floor tile.

All images: Pinterest, and Red Lily Renovations

More Kit Kat Tiles Ideas

Try mixing and matching colours and styles for different areas of your home. You can create wonderful designs by adjusting the angles of the tiles.

They come in a variety of colours and look great mixed and matched. Plus, the versatility of being able to lay them vertically or horizontally (and in some cases, both), makes them a bold choice for any home.

11 homes where Kit Kat finger tiles are the hero

If you’re looking for Kit Kat tiles in a variety of styles and colours, drop by our showroom for some free, professional advice on what will work.

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