Design Tips: Indoor-Outdoor Living

Creating comfortable and functional indoor-outdoor living spaces allows you to maximise your time outside, get reconnected to what’s important and experience your home in a completely different way.
Indoor-Outdoor Living Example

There’s no denying that here in Australia we love the outdoors. And why wouldn’t we – our climate, particularly here in New South Wales, means we can enjoy it all year round (albeit with the assistance of some cover and heat during the rainy and colder months).

Unfortunately however, we’re not able to enjoy it as much as we would like to nowadays, since a large portion of our lives is spent indoors and in front of screens, and we’re so busy trying to get through life that time in nature is simply a “nice to have” at the bottom of our to-do list.

Creating comfortable and functional indoor-outdoor living spaces allows you to maximise your time outside, and benefit from unlimited opportunities to get reconnected to what’s important while experiencing your home in a completely different way.

It’s also the perfect way to increase the size of your property’s liveable area, without the expense of a full extension. 

So let’s look at some different ways you can create the indoor-outdoor living look in your home.

Bi-folding Doors

Bi-folding doors use the concertina effect to simultaneously slide and fold back on themselves to open up fully. Of course in doing so you open up the entire room and allow it to become part of the adjoining area, transforming it into one big space and creating a seamless flow from the inside out.

We love the use of double bi-folding doors in the middle example, as it gives the flow a multi-dimensional feel.

Glass Ceilings

Since we’re talking about flow, it’s important to remember that it can go both ways. You don’t have to be able to physically go outside in order to bring it inside. The use of glass creates a visual flow by giving you uninterrupted views out to nature and allowing the natural light to pour in; further adding to the feeling of space and openness.

Extend the Interiors to the Exterior

A great way to create a smooth transition between the inside and out, and therefore maximise the feeling of space, is to use some of the same fixtures, fittings and materials in both areas.

As you can see in all these examples, the same floor tiles have been used throughout so there is not such a clear definition between the areas. In the middle image, we love the consistent use of the brick wall and wood paneling on the roof to draw the two spaces together.

Pimp Up Your BBQ Area

Having a working kitchen outside is the epitome of inside outside living. When it comes to design aesthetic for your culinary corner, the possibilities are endless:

Image One – Rustic: The combination of natural tiles and stone with darker wood provides the perfect setting for this open flame kitchen.

Image Two – Exotic: Light wood and patterned tiles make you feel like you’ve jetted off to Morocco when you step inside this outside kitchen!

Image Three – Modern: Neutral coloured tiles and stone coupled with sleek lines and fixtures give this kitchen a sophisticated vibe.


As with the fixtures and fittings, when you’re designing an indoor-outdoor living space you can indeed bring the interior lighting to the outside. What we mean by that is, you don’t have to be limited to the standard outside options of lanterns, globes and strings of lights; particularly if the space is under cover and protected, you can incorporate lampshades, downlights, and a variety of different shapes and sizes.

Get Started with Indoor-Outdoor Living 

Even if you’re not in the position to do major renovations, it’s still possible to create indoor-outdoor spaces that you can enjoy with the people you love. Start with something simple, and allow it to evolve as and when you’re ready.

Remember, the purpose is to create spaces outside that are comfortable and functional, and an extension to the inside of your home.

If you plan to use tiles and/or stone products to achieve your indoor-outdoor living design goals, we’re happy to help you find a solution that suits your needs and budget best.

Simply come on down to our West Gosford showroom and speak with one of our experts.

All images sourced from Pinterest.