Your home is your palace, so make it feel this way by choosing premium tiling materials. Adding marble can instantly upgrade a space.

To create a sense of elegance and grandeur in your home, marble is the material for you.

If you are designing a commercial building project that needs a bold and impressive element, dramatic marble tiles are an excellent choice. The Ancient Greeks knew what they were doing!

Marble is a popular tiling choice for today’s homes for many reasons

Marble tiles feature intricate veins, which appear unique on every piece, and come in a variety of shades and patterns. Marble is suitable for use as wall and floor tiling in kitchens (splashbacks and tiling), living rooms (fireplaces), bathrooms (shower floors, bathtub veneers), door frames, staircases, and even columns. All the natural stone products, like marble, in our exclusive Central Coast showroom range are hand-sourced from Turkey. 

Caring for Marble in your Home

Part of our service includes advice on caring for your marble, as this type of natural stone requires a little extra care. Like other natural stone tiles, marble can be stained or scratched over time. You also need a good quality sealer and cleaner to keep your marble looking its best. 


Choose to use a quality sealer to limit damage including:

  • Surface staining – especially from normal household contaminants
  • Salt damage – reduce the amount of waterborne salt intrusion
  • Below surface chemical damage
  • Mineral damage during installation – applicable to six-sided sealers
  • Frost damage – by reduction of water penetration
  • Mould and mildew damage.

The leading and preferred sealer we recommend is by Aqua Mix® Sealers & Cleaners. This product is available in our showroom and we can easily show you its benefits and add it to your order. Aqua Mix® is ideal for any type of stone, tile, grout or masonry. Professional renovators and homeowners praise its ease of use and high-quality results.

Visit our unique Central Coast showroom to browse our hand-sourced range of Marble today.