Bathroom Tiles

Recreating the look and feel of a bathroom can be extremely rewarding. You have a huge variety of tile designs to consider including subway tiles, mosaics, porcelain tiles, shaped tiles, textured tiles and patterned tiles.

Popular fashion trends come and go, but true style is forever. And you could argue the same for interior trends, which never truly date, but rather move in cycles. While you shouldn’t confine yourself to one strict design style, knowing which styles appeal and which don’t, will make a huge difference when you’re building or renovating a home.

 Having a grasp on all the different design styles available, will equip you to mix and match to create a beautiful home that reflects your unique and personal style.

 The following is a definition and visual design guide of the 12 most popular interior design styles, according to Vogue Living.


Sleek and simple, this design is defined more by what it lacks. Free from
excessive ornamentation or fussy decorations, minimalist designs favour clean lines and a neutral colour palette. Layouts are usually open and airy, and every piece  serves a function or aesthetic purpose.
Materials include stone, concrete and raw timber. If you’re not keen
on a home that’s overtly stark and bare, a minimalist base pairs well withother styles.

Coastal or Hamptons

Categorised by laid back, free flowing areas and ideally water views, there’s an inherent ease to coastal style. While Hamptons is a more specific style under the banner of Coastal, both take cues from the surrounding environment. Coastal aesthetics can range from the more luxurious and traditional Hamptons look (weatherboards, sash windows and a colour palette of white, grey and blue) to a more Spanish influenced coastal vibe (white concrete, natural timber and rattan), but all usually embrace natural fibres like linen and cotton, wicker and plants. In terms of colour, you’ll find creamy neutrals interspersed with grey and blue (from light to navy).

Country or French Provincial

Country is a close cousin of French provincial, which is why they’re paired together. While country style usually takes its inspiration from the quaint houses found in the English countryside, French Provincial is influenced by the style of the French provinces outside of the main cities. Signified by earthy tones, lots of timber (barn doors and exposed ceiling beams are common), stonework or brick, fresh flowers and cosy textures, both country and French provincial lean heavily into the farmhouse aesthetic. Materials include vintage or rustic pieces, as well as floral and patterned fabrics.

A modern take on this style is popular, but the vibe remains unstudied and thrown together – don’t expect everything to match.


This is a classic design style, often seen in European homes with beautiful heritage details. Generally avoiding current trends, this style favours darker timber, ornate pieces and richly patterned fabrics. Homes are usually ornamental in style, with many decorative touches like curtains and drapes sitting beside lush fabrics like velvet, silk and brocade. Traditional design style plays on the familiar and comforting, offering warmth, cosiness and a sense of history.

White Tiles: The Versatile Choice

We’ve created an exclusive range of products to give you options that are available nowhere else on the Central Coast. Before you even set foot in our showroom, every inch of our range has been carefully considered to ensure it enhances what we can offer our customers. No cheap factory seconds. No exceptions on quality.

White bathroom tiles are one of the most popular choices for bathroom renovations – they are clean, bright and versatile. Whether installed in a bathroom or elsewhere in a home, white tiles create a sense of cleanliness and can add an extra dimension of light and space to indoor areas.

As one of the most versatile choices for a bathroom renovation job, white tiles can completely refresh a room. White tiles allow you to change the design elements of your bathroom over time, providing the perfect backdrop for your choice of accessories. Go Scandi with timber furnishings, or keep things minimalist with block colours.

When exploring our range of tiles, there will always be someone on hand to advise on whether your tile choices are suitable for the wall or floor of your bathroom renovation project. 

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