Subway Tiles

When redecorating or renovating, creating a sense of nostalgia is a popular design choice. Subway tiles are a great way to introduce some classic charm to a room.

Bathroom tiles
Herringbone bathroom hampton style

As a recognisable icon of New York subway stations in the 1900s, this kind of tile is perfect for achieving a uniquely vintage look in your bathroom, kitchen, splashback or ensuite.

White Subway Tiles: The Classic Choice

White subway tiles are a classic choice that help to create a clean, professional look. Due to the popularity of this kind of tile, there is also a spectrum of different colours, textures and patterns available. The subway tile is not simply suited for Victorian-style interiors – it can be adapted to country or coastal themed homes too.


White subway tiles are a versatile design choice. They are a good choice if you don’t want an overly dramatic tile, so that you can incorporate splashes of colour with furnishings and accessories.

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