Style Tips: Pretty Pink Feature Tiles

Bring some warmth into your home while being bang on trend, with pretty pink tiles in all kinds of styles!

It’s only taken the best part of 60 years, but pink is back! Having graced millions of homes in the 50’s and 60’s, pink is finally showing up again in our kitchens, bathrooms and statement floor pieces…and it’s looking “pretty” good!

It’s important to note though, that pink must be used with caution – there’s a very fine line between a calming warm retro look, and a look that makes your head spin and your stomach churn. 

To help you avoid the latter scenario, we’ve compiled some simple style tips for you.


A pop of pink can be a great addition to your kitchen splashback, to inject some personality and character into the space. Popular options here are the herringbone pattern, subway and square tiles.

As you can see, the pink compliments all sorts of different styles and colours. Consider the theme for your kitchen when selecting the type of tile and shade of pink.

An example of a brighter pink in the image above on the right works because it compliments a darker, more modern style and palate. In contrast to this, the example on the left has a softer blush colour, which works perfectly with the country style.

It’s also important to consider the size and layout of your space. You want to ensure the pink tiles make the statement you want, but don’t overpower the room.


Bathrooms are a great place to let your imagination run free. You can even get away with using pink tiles in a larger area of your bathroom, or the entire room, so long as you accessorise it correctly.

The below image on the left is a good example of this. They’ve used the white accessories and grout between the tiles, to break up the mass of pink and ensure it doesn’t overwhelm the space.

If that’s a bit much for you though, a pink feature wall is a lovely addition to your bathroom – whether it’s an entire wall, or just a small section in the shower or behind the sink and mirror.


As mentioned above, accessories are critical when it comes to showcasing your pink tiles and creating the ambience you desire. The image below is a lovely example of how hints of black can accentuate the pink, and give the space a stylish modern feel.

It goes without saying that white gives the space a bright, crisp finish – and allows the pink tiles to get the attention they deserve. But if your room can handle it, you can extend the dark accents to your furniture for a funky and retro vibe.

Pink Tile Variations

The possibilities with pink tiles are virtually endless. As well as the standard shapes and styles, you can involve pink into your design with terrazzo tiles, penny rounds, fish scales, and so much more.

Have we got you excited about your next project?

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