Style Tips: Get The Palm Springs Look

Nothing says cool and chic like the easy breezy Palm Springs style. It’s a great way to glam up your home, add a splash of colour and have some fun!

Originating from the Californian City Palm Springs, this style is perfectly suited to the Australian climate and lifestyle. Easy living in the sun is it’s MO, with a strong focus on the indoor-outdoor way of life. So expect lots of palm trees and succulents, both inside and out, and some clever passive design with its signature use of breeze blocks to promote natural heating and cooling.

Images: Pinterest

The clean lines of the tiles on the left provide a great foundation to showcase the bold prints and colours. While the muted tiles and breeze blocks on the right offer a fresh backdrop for the vibrant foliage and subtle prints.

Add colour pops

Palm Springs decor typically has a white base with pops of colour, including citrus yellow, flamingo pink and ocean blues. 

Images: Pinterest

Again, in these examples they have used crisp clean white tiles as a base, and built the Palm Springs look around it. The subway tiles (left image) maintain a strong contemporary feel, while the floor tiles keep it fresh and practical for the inside-outside living.

Make a statement

As you can see, wallpaper is a very strong feature in the Palm Springs home, and can be used either as a feature wall or all over if your room can cope with it and you’re game!

The image on the left has gone with a blush pink hand cut tile as a base, while the middle example has incorporated a square marble tile with a hint of blush pink to compliment the colours in the wallpaper.

Style with a tile

Of course, the tiles don’t have to sit in the background – they can easily become the feature of the room, if you want to add a textured pop of colour.

Images: Pinterest

Palm Springs can be a bit of a love or hate style, but if you love it then we’d love to help you achieve the look you want!

Pop down to our West Gosford Showroom and discuss your ideas with our team, who will offer you professional advice and show you our wide range of tiles, so you can make your look a reality.

Style Tips: Pretty Pink Feature Tiles

Bring some warmth into your home while being bang on trend, with pretty pink tiles in all kinds of styles!

It’s only taken the best part of 60 years, but pink is back! Having graced millions of homes in the 50’s and 60’s, pink is finally showing up again in our kitchens, bathrooms and statement floor pieces…and it’s looking “pretty” good!

It’s important to note though, that pink must be used with caution – there’s a very fine line between a calming warm retro look, and a look that makes your head spin and your stomach churn. 

To help you avoid the latter scenario, we’ve compiled some simple style tips for you.


A pop of pink can be a great addition to your kitchen splashback, to inject some personality and character into the space. Popular options here are the herringbone pattern, subway and square tiles.

As you can see, the pink compliments all sorts of different styles and colours. Consider the theme for your kitchen when selecting the type of tile and shade of pink.

An example of a brighter pink in the image above on the right works because it compliments a darker, more modern style and palate. In contrast to this, the example on the left has a softer blush colour, which works perfectly with the country style.

It’s also important to consider the size and layout of your space. You want to ensure the pink tiles make the statement you want, but don’t overpower the room.


Bathrooms are a great place to let your imagination run free. You can even get away with using pink tiles in a larger area of your bathroom, or the entire room, so long as you accessorise it correctly.

The below image on the left is a good example of this. They’ve used the white accessories and grout between the tiles, to break up the mass of pink and ensure it doesn’t overwhelm the space.

If that’s a bit much for you though, a pink feature wall is a lovely addition to your bathroom – whether it’s an entire wall, or just a small section in the shower or behind the sink and mirror.


As mentioned above, accessories are critical when it comes to showcasing your pink tiles and creating the ambience you desire. The image below is a lovely example of how hints of black can accentuate the pink, and give the space a stylish modern feel.

It goes without saying that white gives the space a bright, crisp finish – and allows the pink tiles to get the attention they deserve. But if your room can handle it, you can extend the dark accents to your furniture for a funky and retro vibe.

Pink Tile Variations

The possibilities with pink tiles are virtually endless. As well as the standard shapes and styles, you can involve pink into your design with terrazzo tiles, penny rounds, fish scales, and so much more.

Have we got you excited about your next project?

We invite you to come into our West Gosford Showroom with your design ideas. We will happily offer our professional advice and show you our wide range of pink tiles, so you can find the option that best suits you and your vision.

Summer Pools Are Made In Winter

Is your pool looking a bit tired? Perhaps it’s in disrepair or has become unsafe? Or maybe you’re about to build a brand new pool?

Whatever your reason, tiles are a major consideration. With an abundance of options now available to you, it’s easy to get struck down with decision paralysis. So we’ve compiled this simple guide to help make the process easier for you.

What to consider when designing your pool

Before you start to make any serious decisions, we recommend creating a mood board so you can understand the overall look you want to go for. This will help you to narrow your search, and make it easier for people like us to help you, as we can get a better understanding of the vision inside your head!

When it comes to pool tiles, there are three key areas you need to consider:

  • Pool Edge or Pool Coping
  • Waterline
  • Pool Bottom

Within each of these, you will need to make choices around functional elements and aesthetics. 

Let’s look at each area in more detail:

Pool Edge or Pool Coping

Pool coping is the material used above the tile line that caps the edge of the pool. It protects the pool structure, and when installed correctly, it maintains the integrity of the pool water by ensuring any external water flow is directed down the drains and not back into the pool.

When choosing a tile for your pool coping, it’s important to ensure it’s durable and safe. You want something that is:

  • Hard Wearing, so it can withstand all weather conditions
  • Not Too Rough, so it’s comfortable to walk on with bare feet and grab onto when getting out of the water
  • Temperature Resistant, so it doesn’t get too hot underfoot

As far as we’re concerned, Travertine is the best option for both your pool coping and the surrounding pool area. It not only ticks off all the above requirements, it’s also incredibly good looking!

Why Travertine Tiles are a great choice

Travertine is a stone formed naturally in hot springs. This is what gives the stone its signature holes across its surface – they’re caused by the hot water percolating through the stone. The benefits of using Travertine for your pool coping and pool surrounds include:

  • 100% Natural Stone
  • Hard Wearing
  • Erosion Resistant
  • Stays Cool Under Foot
  • Versatile Design
  • Elegant Aesthetic

As you can see, Travertine Tiles are an incredibly stylish option for your pool, and even an entire section of your home! 

They come in a wide range of styles and soft muted colours, including:

  • Classic (Ivory)
  • Elite Silver
  • Silver
  • Oyster
  • Picasso
  • Sunset

Our particular Travertine Stone Products are hand-sourced from Turkey. The range comes in 3 grades: commercial, standard and premium, which means you can easily find an affordable solution for your project. 

Get Creative with Waterline Pool Tiles

Waterline pool tiles follow the perimeter of the pool underneath the pool coping. They’re typically half submerged underwater, with around 3 inches visible at the top.

Quality Waterline Tiles are important because they prevent sunscreen, body oils, pollen and other substances from creating yellow scummy lines around the waterline of your pool. They also take on the minerals and calcium deposits that can build up as a result of hard water.

Waterline Tiles are your opportunity to have fun and get creative with your pool design. This is where you can really bring your aesthetic to life, and find the perfect compliment to your chic Travertine pool surround.

Add a splash of colour:

Experiment with patterns:

Or keep it classic:

To Fully Tile or Not To Fully Tile – That Is The Question

Although fully tiled pools do require a larger budget, they’re very low maintenance, safe and incredibly visually appealing. When it comes to your tile options, the possibilities are almost endless. As with the Waterline Pool Tiles, you can either keep it classic and simple or really let your creative juices flow with full mosaics and patterns:

Have we got you excited about your pool project?

If you’re embarking on a pool project, please come into our West Gosford Showroom for some free professional advice, and check out our wide range of Travertine and Pattern Pool Tiles.

Marble Is The New White

How do you elevate your bathroom, kitchen or laundry space into a luxurious, fresh and peaceful environment? The answer is marble accents!

Marble feature tiles come in a variety of shapes and styles. Laid in sheets or as subways you can vamp up your space to be inspiring and make even the trendiest of friends envious.

A key tip when looking to design your space with a marble feature tile, is to partner it with flat light/white larger format tiles, such as a 600 x 300 matt white ceramic. Matt black tapware will give a pop of contrast, and light coloured stone benchtop and plantation shutters will finish the look. Here is some inspiration from The Block 2018 ensuite reveal: Kerrie and Spence’s winning ensuite with marble herringbone feature tile and black accents.

Source –

Things to remember when using a marble feature tile:

  • Keep It Simple! – do not introduce clashing patterns
  • Neutral accompanying tiles is key – let the marble sing! Not compete!
  • White plantation shutters
  • Light coloured flat stone benchtops
  • Matt black tapware will provide contrast 
  • Use colour in your styling elements (hand towels, books, candles etc.)

The most common mistakes when using marble feature tiles

There is nothing special about feature marble over any other type of feature tile you choose for a space. There are a few “whoops” decisions we see that you can avoid before even looking at samples.

The first is to keep your other tiles and surfaces in a simple flat colour, in a rectangle or square size, laid straight i.e. not in a pattern. By clashing patterns, the finished look will be overwhelming to the eye and the feature will be ‘too much’ instead of ‘too beautiful’.

Secondly, Avoid strong colours next to the marble. The best way to introduce colour is through styling rather than with fixtures such as basins, other tiles, benchtops or painted walls/doors. Strong colour will draw the eye away from the intended feature and will drown out the marble.

Lastly, Do not grout with anything darker than the darkest grain in the marble, and even then it would be better to drop a shade or two. It is the grain in marble that gives it a luxurious finish and dark grout will compete for your attention.

There you have it, one of our favourites in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. Marble is a stunning way to improve your space and impress friends and family. Adopting the KISS method will see you achieve the best results.

Marble Features: Choose your tiles

Our advice is to simply work with the existing style of your home, rather than feel like you have to completely reinvent the whole thing! The best aspect of home renovation projects is combining professional advice and inspiration with your own taste and preference.

If you’re looking for marble feature tiles in a variety of styles, drop by our West Gosford showroom for some free, professional advice on what will work.

Fresh Coastal Theme Renovation Ideas

coastal style flatlay tiles

If you’re working on a renovation project and want to know how to decorate in the Coastal Theme, we can help you bring the beach to the burbs! Renovating a room in your house to reflect the popular coastal style is a great design choice if you actually live near the coast. It’s also a creative way to dream up that desirable feeling of living right next to the waves to help the stress of the bustling city fade away.

As you can imagine, one of the key features of a coastal interior design style is to evoke that sense of living by the beach or seaside through a mix of colours, textures and stylistic elements.

Signature elements of a “Coastal Theme” space can be:

  • Nature is the focus – timber, driftwood, greenery
  • Decorative cushions with seaside, fish or boat icons
  • White plantation shutters
  • Turquoise ornamental features
  • Driftwood framed mirror
  • Weaved baskets
  • Chair draped with a straw hat, basket of beach towels
  • Shells, coral or green glass bottles
  • Succulents (a type of low-maintenance plant)
Source –

Coastal Theme Bathroom Ideas

To achieve the coastal look in your bathroom, white tiles are the way to go. Opt for white baths and basins with soft curves featuring chrome or stainless steel tapware. To enhance the space and make it seem larger than it is, run your white floor tiles all the way up the walls to give the illusion.

Natural stone is also an option, as textured stone tiles with a unique vein link to the great outdoors, even possibly the sandy feel of a beach. Stone-look tiles are also good if you’re watching your budget and want to achieve the same effect.

Splashbacks in natural colours also are a favoured choice of coastal bathrooms, but the goal is to keep the flow light and airy, not breaking it up in bold, dark colours. When grouting, use a tone that matches the colour of your choice of tiles. This will keep your bathroom in symmetry.

When it comes to accessories and styling the space, search for timber or bamboo items, such as towel chairs, stools, soap caddies and bath mats. It is also a smart design choice to add wooden bathroom drawers or cabinets to complement the coastal look. Finish it off with a feature plant, such as some indoor ferns, dried botanicals or low-maintenance succulents.

Source –

Get the Coastal look: Choose your tiles

Our advice is to simply work with the existing style of your home, rather than feel like you have to completely reinvent the whole thing! The best aspect of home renovation projects is combining professional advice and inspiration with your own taste and preference.

coastal style flatlay tiles

Tile & Stone recommends:

Coastal Terrazzo Look tiles 300×300

Coastal Ripple Edge tiles

MONSOON Brushed Brass Round Shower Head (MS300R-BB) from Highgrove Bathrooms

SPIN Brushed Brass Bath Spout
(SPO90-220BB) from Highgrove Bathrooms

If you’re looking for fresh, white or grey tiles in a variety of styles to create the popular Coastal look, drop by our West Gosford showroom for some free, professional advice on what will work.

Style Tips: The Hamptons Look

hamptons look tiles and taps

More and more Australian home renovators are turning to this sophisticated look for its clean, fresh appeal that is absolutely ideal in a modern property. It’s made for the laid back Aussie beachside lifestyle!

Whether you favour entertainment of relaxing, designing a Hamptons style home starts with getting the colours and materials right. Start by creating a refined, seaside feel to a single room in your house. There are several key design considerations when going after this kind of interior, including:

  • What colours are best to decorate with for the Hamptons look?
  • What fabrics to suit the Hamptons style?
  • What furniture can I buy to enhance the space?
  • What style of lighting gives the Hamptons look?
  • What flooring suits the Hamptons style?
  • …and of course what style of tiles are best for Hamptons homes?

We thought you might get a bit lost in the rabbit hole of design inspiration that is Pinterest, so we’ve gathered a snapshot of some of the best examples we’ve spotted that reflect the beautiful, sophisticated Hamptons look.

hamptons look bathroom
Herringbone Feature Wall Tiles + Natural Stone floor tiles
Image Source – Pinterest

Where did the Hamptons look come from?

Hamptons style interiors are an American take on the classic French interior design styles: Baroque, Rococo and Empire.

The popular Hamptons look actually began on Long Island in the US, back in the late 1800s. Fancy New York vacationers flocked to the area’s historic fishing villages to cool off from their city life, and their arrival gradually transformed the style of these quiet seaside communities into bustling summer hotspots. New Yorkers didn’t just bring their luggage to the American coastal homes – they brought their modern sense of style and refined elegance too.

Herringbone bathroom hampton style
Herringbone Wall Tiles + White Subway Wall Tiles with Natural Stone Floor Tiles
Image Source – Pinterest

Signatures of the Hamptons style

When searching for ideas and props to achieve the Hamptons style, look for furniture, fixtures, decorations, tiles and flooring that feel like they fit any of the following descriptions, which are all adaptable to the room you’re working on renovating:

  • Effortless coastal elegance with a casual twist
  • Airy and minimalist yet still homely – multiple sources of light
  • Light, white and crisp – with a touch of pastel
  • Whitewashed interior, or white timber finishes (explore white, cream, off-white, ivory)
  • A noticeable “beachside” feel to the space
  • Fresh look: Grey shades of colour including duck egg blue or mint green
  • Classic look: Cream with black or bronze accents to enhance elegance
  • Generous lounging areas to relax in an afternoon seabreeze (you don’t have to live by the ocean, we can dream!)
  • Warmth added by natural materials like in-laid stone flooring or black timber, plus leather, linen, cotton or wool.
  • Pairing warm, neutral colours with coastal blues (layer various shades)
  • Favour bold features: large indoor plants, statement sculptures or decorative-framed mirrors
  • Big windows, French doors, white timber window furnishings
  • Pendant lighting overhanging vintage bar stools for a casual kitchen feel

hamptons look tiles and taps

Tile & Stone recommends:

Hampton Decor patterned tiles 200×200

Hampton White subway tiles

SPIN Brushed Brass Sink Mixer (SP120BB) from Highgrove Bathrooms

What tiles are best for the Hamptons style?

Ceramic Subway Tiles

White subway tiles will help to create a clean, fresh look. With a spectrum of different colours, textures and patterns available, the subway tile can be adapted to achieve the relaxed, coastal Hamptons look in your home. Stick to white and grey tones.

Marble Patterned Tiles

The drama of marble patterned tiles adds to the otherwise minimalist, white-dominated look of the Hamptons style. Even adding a marble splashback as a striking icon of elegance in a bright, well-lit kitchen, a fireplace in the living room, or shower floor in the bathroom gives that elite Long Island seaside feel.

Natural Stone Flooring

Every square inch offers its own unique colour, texture and pattern! Bring this level of luxury and warmth into your home – walls, floors, entrance halls, shower surrounds and splashbacks are all great options for featuring natural stone.

Herringbone Patterned Tiles (wall or floor)

This is a style of tiling that can look great as a kitchen splashback, as a dramatic bathroom tile, or flooring choice in a light cream, grey or ivory colour. Marble tiles can be laid in the herringbone pattern.

Get the Hamptons look: Choose your tiles

Our advice is to simply work with the existing style of your home, rather than feel like you have to completely reinvent the whole thing! The best aspect of home renovation projects is combining professional advice and inspiration with your own taste and preference.

If you’re looking for tiles or natural stone to create the Hamptons style, drop by our West Gosford showroom for some free, professional advice on what styles will work. We have a Hampton Decor tile range, including patterned and subway options you can see samples of to achieve the look you want.

Kitchen Reno

Getting a fresh new look for your kitchen doesn’t have to be an expensive project. A perfect way to get a new look is to simply re-tile your splash back & add in a feature wall.

Jess & Ash have achieved this look within our showroom with a simple white gloss subway tile wall ($29.95m2) & pearl white penny round ($120m2) splash back. The girls kept the colours light to make the kitchen feel bright & open. To finish their new look they styled the kitchen & added in some greenery. The total cost for this project was under $1,000 including the tiler.

Tile Planning

Planning your renovation is the key to helping your renovation run smoothly and on time. For example when you are ordering your tiles for your bathroom make sure your triple check your measurements & order a minimum of 10% extra to allow for wastage. This is really important due to that if you under order your tiles it can end up costing you more as you will need to wait to reorder more tiles, which than can hold up the tiler & other trades which in return can delay the whole project.

Also give yourself plenty of time to order in your tiles as it can sometimes take up to 1 – 2 weeks for stock to arrive in store for collection.

For a bathroom depending on the size you can use either use one or two lights as seen in the pictures below.

Pendant lights

As subtle as it may seem, pendant lighting has a big job to do. Its responsibilities extend well beyond the role of illuminating a space; a pendant lamp creates visual perspective and by acting as a focal point for a room, the right pendant can help to make a small room look bigger. Pendant lights also reduce clutter because they take up much less space than floor or table lamps.

For a bathroom depending on the size you can use either use one or two lights as seen in the pictures below.